Spring 2014

Schedule & Topics

Mondays | 12:45 – 2:15 | March 31 – May 5

March 31 – Introduction to TED

Welcome & Introduction to TED Talks

The plan for the class

Minds & Brains – We need all kinds of minds – The lesson from 83,000 brain scans

April 7 –  TED Talks Trouble?

What’s wrong with TED Talks?

Banned Talks & the  brouhaha

April 14 – A TED-Ed Lesson: On Science & Morality

On science & morality

AU 2014-15 Common Book

April 28 –  Flying Fools*

How a dead duck changed my life

Robots that file and cooperate

*[rescheduled from Week 1]

April 21 –  Data & Stats: To Inform & Control You

The best stats you’ve ever seen

Data controls your internet experiences

May 5 – Medical Advances…and Setbacks?

How do we heal medicine?

Next-gen cure for killer infections

[Please check back later for possible updates.]


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