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The Best is Back!

While we took a longer than expected break, we’re now back with another season of The Best of TED. As before, we ask that when you find a Talk that’s especially interesting, let us all know about it so we can appreciate it, too. Just click on “I RECOMMEND…” on the menu bar and post your recommendation. Be sure to include a link to the Talk. And occasionally check “I RECOMMEND…” to see what others have found and enjoyed.

For newcomers to The Best of TED, check out the posts and Talks from previous terms (select Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 under Categories on the sidebar).

Have a great summer.

– Ginny & Tom, OLLI’s The Best of Ted curators

Anticipating Spring

We hope you are anticipating Spring and the next edition of The Best of TED. We are completing our  selection of the topics and Talks for the class and will update this weblog, including the Spring 2014 schedule as we go along. So please click the Follow button on the sidebar to be alerted to updates when they occur

If you would like to suggest a topic or specific Talk, please submit your suggestion by clicking on “I RECOMMEND…”, above.

Also, be sure to click the Follow button in the right sidebar to be notified via email of new posts and comments.

If TED is new to you, be sure to check out our helpful !!!WARNING!!!

We look forward to seeing you, soon, and talking TED.

– Ginny & Tom

Let Us Know…

Hi OLLI kin,

Thanks for checking out The Best of TED.

We’re working on the class schedule of TED Talks for this OLLI class. If you’d like to suggest a talk to include–from some of those recommended in these links

The 20 Best TED Talks of All-Time – Insider Monkey

or some of your favorites–please let us know: just click  “I RECOMMEND…”, here or on the menu bar above, and submit your suggestions, now.

See you, soon.

– GInny & Tom