The Plan for the Class

The Best of TED cis a recurring OLLI at Auburn class, providing opportunities for OLLI members to view and discuss what they believe to be the best, most interesting, and important TED Talks.
Each Best of TED class will consist of 

  • two or three exemplary TED presentations identified by OLLI members,
  • a brief introduction/follow-up for each, ideally by OLLI member(s) with related knowledge/expertise, and
  • references to related resources linked via the class website/blog.
On the Home page of the class website  (this weblog) will be posts about the selected TED Talks  (click a post’s  title to add or read comments).
On the menu bar are links to HOMEABOUT, !!!WARNING!!!TED WEBSITE, SPRING 2014, and “I RECOMMEND…”.
Be sure to check each of them, especially “I RECOMMEND…”, as the class leaders are planning on recommendations for Talks for week 6 from you.
On the right sidebar will be links to recent posts and comments.

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